Bangladesh University of Professionals Journal BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL

We are working to publish only those scholarly results which are reliable and obtained by the authors using the proven techniques and models. The author is obliged to test the models and methods for obtaining results as many as necessary to be sure of the error inability. Data deception or using unverified information by the authors is unethical and unacceptable.

The author should be ready for providing information and explanations as to how and using which detailed and meticulous accounts of methodologies and analytical procedures, methods and techniques the results were obtained, which are presented in the article submitted, as well as for providing access to primary data (according to Databases, data sets, and data accessibility – views and practices of scholarly publishers). We also ask our authors to keep primary data and calculations within a reasonable time period, and if possible (they are not covered by copyright, it does not require financial costs, etc.) to place raw data outputs of research, and sets or sub- sets of that data used in the article preparation on the open Internet. We fully support our authors' initiatives towards data exchange.

The procedure (algorithm) for obtaining the result must be clearly and unambiguously written out with an indication of all nuances and limitations. This procedure (algorithm) should be such as to enable, if required, another person (skilled sufficiently) to re-conduct experiments, calculations or other actions and obtain the same result. We understand that in some cases or in some branches of knowledge, it is difficult or even impossible to provide reproducibility, but we defer to our authors professionalism and their well-reasoned approach to the issue.