Bangladesh University of Professionals Journal BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) was founded as the 31st public university of Bangladesh on 05 June 2008, Mirpur Cantonment in Dhaka. Today, BUP has emerged as a unique university in both the country and the region with a multitude of faculties, students, facilities, and purposes. Presently, BUP is offering academic programs on National Security, War Strategy, Arts and Social Sciences, Business Studies, Medical Studies, Engineering, and Information Technology with the help of five faculties comprising sixteen departments and two centres namely Centre for Higher Studies and Research (CHSR) and Centre for Modern Languages (CML). It must be mentioned that fifty seven institutes across the country are affiliated with BUP. There are more than 7000 students currently enrolled in various departments and more than 9000 students in other affiliated institutes. More than 600 scholars from various disciplines are pursuing research under the Centre for Higher Studies and Research. BUP has uniqueness as a public university since it is administered by the members of the armed forces of Bangladesh while maintaining the motto “EXCELLENCE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE”. The university is confidently marching forward in furthering the knowledge to achieve the desired goal of human resources development of the country.           

BUP Journal (BUPJ) introduced by the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is committed to publishing high quality articles of faculty members and researchers of public and private universities, institutes and organizations both in home and abroad. BUPJ is a peer reviewed journal and its reviewers are scholars of different esteemed universities and institutes both in home and abroad. BUPJ has a print (2219-4851) version for researchers. BUPJ has a long history of publishing journals in print since September 2012. It has published 15 issues in the printed version.

BUPJ is a scholarly journal published by Centre for Higher Studies and Research (CHSR). In the year 2019, BUP has decided to publish Online Issues in a year and combining the two issues, each volume will be published in printed form. The online papers will be published as an Open Access initiative and will be indexed in multiple international academic databases.

Research is an enduring field with persistent and focused efforts leading to creating positive consequences. When research is conducted in multi-disciplinary fields of Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business or in the domain like Information Technology (IT), it has many fold impacts and implications not only for the industry, for the academia as well. Fostering research and creating a platform to publish quality research papers, based on empirical or scholarly research works, have been a continuous endeavour of the BUP Journal. In continuation to this endeavour, we are now happy to announce that the BUP Journal is now E-ISSN (2789-0392) registered.

BUP Journal contains research based articles on development, security, education, science, technology, engineering, governance, disaster management, socio-economics, environment, medical science and other fields related to the interest of Bangladesh and/or the world community.