Bangladesh University of Professionals Journal BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL

In its activity, the publishing house “BUP Journal” fully adheres to the declared publishing and editorial policies, which concern all our journals.

We are oriented towards Principles of Transparency and Best Practice for Scholarly Publications, developed by The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), and the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) , and follow them as closely as possible.

We support the following initiatives and wish to develop close cooperation with such organizations as:

  • Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), Budapest Open Access Initiative.

We understand that such a small publisher as “BUP Journal” with three journals is a drop in the ocean of academic editions. But a drop creates the streams, which unite and turn into rivers that nurture the seas and the oceans.

That’s why our policies are developed taking into account the modern trends in the work of the leading journals of the world and are refined on the way to the “ocean”. We understand how difficult it is for our colleagues – founders and publishers of the journals in Bangladesh – to make a way. That’s why, having analyzed the principles embedded by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the experience of embedding the principles of publication ethics by Elsevier , recommendations by Cabells etc., and having studied the Bangalian specificity, we provide our colleagues with the guidance for bringing their practice closer in line with the global standards. It is realized with the help of the project Journal's International Compliance Index (JIC Index). The mission of the project is to determine the guidelines for the promotion of academic journals into the international scientific environment on the basis of compliance with the international standards of publishing and the principles of publication ethics.