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E-mail notifications
Articles published in BUP journals are promoted through e-mail content alerts to our subscribers, as well as in social media.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your article for search engines helps to ensure it appears higher in the results returned by search engines. This helps you attract more readers, gain higher visibility in the academic community and potentially increase citations.
Use keywords, especially in the title and abstract.
Add captions with keywords to all photographs, images, graphs and tables.
Add titles or subheadings (with keywords) to the different sections of your article.
Keyword search option at our web site will help you find like-minded scholars (choose an author in the ‘Authors’ section and check relevant keywords).

Conferences and social media

Presenting and networking at conferences can create new opportunities for collaboration. Make sure you connect with other delegates on Facebook and LinkedIn, and direct them to your website or blog.
LinkedIn (link of LinkedIn home page) is a professional network used by the majority of the researchers. Create a profile and post your latest accomplishments, don’t forget to reposition the publication section to a more prominent position at the top of your profile. Using social media sharing buttons from our web site will be a convenient way of informing your contacts about a new publication.

Personal website

Personal professional website will aid in highlighting your research findings, achievements, publications and ambitions. Always include links to your articles, and link to your website in your e-mail signature, and on all of your online and social media profiles, to get maximum exposure. You can also add links to your academic social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other accounts.

Google Scholar

Add articles to your Google Scholar (link of Google Scholar home page) for other scholars and readers to easily find and download them.
Make use of your institution’s communications channels

If you’re affiliated with a particular institution, it is possible that it sends out press releases to local media and publishes internal newsletters. Increasingly, institutions also have their own press office and PR/media staff. Get in touch with them to see what they can do to help you promote your published paper.