Bangladesh University of Professionals Journal BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL
BUP Journal (BUPJ) introduced by the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is committed to publishing high quality articles of faculty members and researchers of public and private universities, institutes and organizations both in home and abroad. BUPJ is a peer reviewed journal and its reviewers are scholars of different esteemed universities and institutes both in home and abroad. BUPJ has print (ISSN: 2219-4851) and online (ISSN: 2789-0392) versions for researchers. BUPJ has a long history of publishing journals in print since September 2012. It has published 15 issues in the printed version.

BUPJ is a scholarly journal published from Centre for Higher Studies and Research (CHSR). In the year 2019, CHSR has decided to publish Online Issues in a year and the combining two issues, each volume will be published in printed form. The online papers will be published as an Open Access initiative and will be indexed in multiple international academic databases.

BUP Journal contains research based articles on development, security, education, science, technology, engineering, governance, disaster management, socio-economics, environment, medical science and other fields related to the interest of Bangladesh and/or the world community.

Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is committed to publish high-quality original works from academicians, scientists, engineers, business specialists, sociologists, social scientists and other scholars in the aforementioned journal. We hope you will find the journal to be of international standard. It aims at creating scope for the researchers who want to enrich their knowledge through scholarly writings.

Our reviewers are selected from different universities and institutions of the country and abroad based on their excellence in corresponding academic and research fields. The BUP Journal bears insightful contemporary research papers which are reviewed by double-blind peer review process to ensure research rigor and high quality. As such, the journal aspires to be vibrant, engaging and accessible, and at the same time integrative and challenging. Papers containing originality of thoughts with valuable arguments and findings are highly appreciated by the Editorial Board.

We have received a good number of articles covering interesting and thought provoking subject matters. Keeping in view the Editorial Policy and Guidelines for Submission of Articles, the initial scrutiny and sifting of papers were carried out by the Editorial Board. Thereafter, the articles were sent to renowned reviewers, having expertise in the related fields. We shared reviewers’ feedback with the authors and encouraged them to rework as per reviewers’ suggestions. Subsequently, after a rigorous selection process, the issue finally comes out with multidimensional research-oriented scholarly articles.

As an intellectual mirror, BUP Journal reflects a great deal of individual as well as collective wisdom, sagacity and knowledge. BUPJ always carries similar essence and unfold vistas of new ideas and knowledge before our readers.