Bangladesh University of Professionals Journal BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL

1. BUP Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts concerning all academic disciplines. The learned authors are sincerely requested to read these guidelines with due care, as failure in doing so may result in rejection of the manuscript. The Editorial Board invites original manuscripts which fall within the editorial policy of the journal and are as concise as the subject matter and the research method permit. The Editorial Board reserves all the right to publish a paper. The board may not even publish any paper for reasons of protecting the interest and image of BUP even after being accepted by the reviewers. The manuscripts submitted are subjected to double blind review before consideration for publication. All manuscripts that meet our standard of excellence, regardless of the number and the nature of disciplines, may be published.

2. Submission of a manuscript or research note implies that it contains original work which has neither been published previously, nor put under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is expected that the manuscripts submitted to the Journal will be structured according to the established literary conventions of the discipline under research where these are organized/ sectioned in a manner that maximizes both the substance and clarity of the document.

3. While outlining the abstract the authors should adhere to the following:

  • Microsoft Word to be used
  • Placed at the beginning of every article
  • Font will be Times New Roman and size 12
  • Not more than 150 words in length
  • Should be limited to a single paragraph, and
  • Italicized
  • List of keywords to be placed after abstract


 4. The word limit of the manuscript is expected to be within 4000 to 6000 words which includes the entire paper encompassing appendices, attachments and enclosures (without the references).

Title of the Paper

5. The title should be within 10-15 words. Headings
6. Headings must be concise, with a clear indication of the distinction between the hierarchy of headings.

Front Page

7. It should contain title of the paper, author's name(s) (not more than three), affiliation, mailing addresses with e-mail, cell phone number, etc.


8. The text should be typed in Times New Roman while font size should be 12. Lines are to be justified at both left and right margins. The manuscript should be printed on one side of the paper.

Paper Size

9. The prescribed paper size is A4.


10. British style of spelling is to be followed.

Page Margins

11. The margin should be one inch (1”) from all sides. Line Spacing
12. Double line spacing should be adopted.

Page Numbers

13. All pages are to be numbered at the bottom center.


14. All figures, including graphs, drawings and photos should have titles with chronological numbers. Appropriate captions are to be placed below the figures.


15. All tables are to be titled and numbered sequentially. It should be placed above the table. Source(s) or note(s) are to be placed immediately below the table. Single spacing is to be maintained for table contents.

Structure of the Manuscript

16. The manuscript should include sequentially the following: Abstract including keywords, Introduction, Problem Statement, Rationale of the Study, Research Questions/ Hypothesis (optional), Research objectives, Literature review focusing the research gap, Conceptual/ Theoretical Framework, Research Methodology, Discussion & Findings, Recommendations. The author has the option to highlight problem statement, rationale of the study and research objectives within the scope of the introduction.


17. Manuscript with plagiarized content will not be accepted. Any content copied from other materials must be placed under quotation. The paraphrased contents from other sources must be properly cited. Copying from other sources with appropriate citation must not exceed 15% of the total volume of the paper.

Authorship and Authenticity

18. For authorship (also for joint authorship of the same paper), a declaration of authenticity (including name(s), designation & signature on a separate sheet of paper) must be submitted along with the manuscript.


19. All references and citations must be in Harvard style.


20. The soft-copy of the manuscript is to be submitted to Two hard-copies are to be submitted to the Chief Editor, BUP Journal, Centre for Higher Studies and Research, Bangladesh University of Professionals, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka - 1216.