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Article Info: BUP JOURNAL, Volume - 7, Issue - 1, June - 2019, Volume - 7, Issue - 1, Article #3
Publish Date: June 1, 2019
Authors(S): 1. Md Mahbub-ul Alam
Keywords: Porous Border, Informal Trade, Border Management, Migration, Remittance
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Bangladesh and India share one of the most porous borders in the world. The faulty demarcation of the border was addressed since the independence of Bangladesh, and with the elapse of time a lot of progress is made to solve many border related issues. At the same time some odd happenings along the border are putting the management in challenge like informal trade; drug, arms and human trafficking; killing of Bangladeshi citizens etc. To address the situation many measures have already been taken by both the countries unilaterally as well as unitedly, and outcome is also positive. On the contrary, certain hypothetical understanding on migration and cross border terrorism at times act as barrier to make joint decision for both the countries and hinder the upliftment of the deprived bordering area people. The present research attempts to find out the better border management measures. To accomplish this study, focus group discussion, interviews and survey method have been applied for collecting data. Total sample size is 176. Creation of job opportunities, use of non-lethal weapons, restriction on drug production, simplification of visa system with modification on some minor issues are very much essential for better border management. Hence, policy and decision makers’ research-based concept, wisdom and sympathetic consideration of eradication of odds likely to be the appropriate measures in this regard.