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BUP JOURNAL, Volume - 7, Issue - 1, June - 2019

Journal Information

Journal Name: BUP JOURNAL, Volume - 7, Issue - 1, June - 2019
Journal Category: BUP Journal
Issued Since: June 1, 2019

Editorial Advisors

Professor M Abul Kashem Mozumder, PhD
Pro-Vice Chancellor, BUP
Professor Dr. Muhammad Ruhul Amin
Department of International Relations
University of Dhaka
Brig Gen Dipak Kumer Paul Chowdhury, MPhil, MMEd  
Dean, Faculty of Medical Science, BUP
Professor Dr. Mohammad Mozahidul Islam  
Dept of History
Jahangirnagar University
Brig Gen Md. Siddiqul Alam Sikder, BSP, ndc, psc  
Dean, Faculty of Security and Strategic Studies, BUP
Professor Dr. Mohammad Amzad Hossain
Chairman, Department of Economics
Jahangirnagar University
Brig Gen Md Zahidur Rahim, ndc, aswc, psc
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, BUP
Professor Dr. Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan
Department of Marketing
University of Dhaka
Brig Gen A K M Iqbal Azim, ndc, psc, G+, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, BUP
Professor Md. Ali Akkas
Chairman, Department of Management
University of Dhaka
Brig Gen Muhammad Wasim-Ul-Haq, ndu, afwc, psc
Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, BUP
Dr. Md. Abu Zafor  
Professor and Chairman, Dept of English  
Jagannath University, Dhaka
Dr. Kazi Maruful Islam
Professor, Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka
Professor Dr. Md. Khabir Uddin
Department of Environment Science
Jahangirnagar University
Professor Dr. Abu Naser Ahmed Ishtiaque
Department of Marketing
University of Dhaka
Professor Dr. A. K. M. Waliul Islam
Department of English
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
Professor Dr. A.H.M. Abdul Baqee
Department of Geography and Environment
University of Dhaka
Professor Lailufer Yasmin
Department of International Relations
University of Dhaka
Dr. Nazrul Islam
Pro Vice Chancellor, Canadian University of Bangladesh
Prof. Dr. Rashed-Uz-Zaman
Department of International Relations
University of Dhaka

Editorial Board

Chief Editor

Brig Gen Syed Mofazzel Mawla (Retd)
Dean, Centre for Higher Studies and Research, BUP

Associate Editors
Captain M Niyamat Elahee, (L), NPP, psc, BN
Centre for Higher Studies and Research, BUP
Dr. Md. Mohoshin Reza
Associate Professor, Department of English, BUP
Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin
Associate Professor, Department of ICT, BUP
Dr. Shamsunnahar Khanam
Associate Professor & Chairman
Department of Environmental Science, BUP
Dr. Mohammad Rabiul Basher Rubel  
Associate Professor  
Dept of Management Studies, BUP
Maj Md Matiur Rahman, G, Arty
Coord to Dean
Centre for Higher Studies and Research, BUP

Message from the Chief Patron

Chief Patron

Major General Md Emdad-Ul-Bari, ndc, psc, te
Vice Chancellor, BUP

It is my pleasure to know that the 1st issue, 7th volume of BUP Journal in going to be published soon. BUP Journal contains research papers of multidisciplinary nature, from individuals or group of individuals who are academicians or practitioners from diverse backgrounds. BUP always strives to maintain or uphold the quality in education and research, which is reflected in its work and products. I am sure that the upcoming BUP Journal will exhibit quality work through new ideas and innovations and will make contribution towards the advancement of scholarly knowledge and ideas. I am delighted to see that BUP Journal has transcended the expected level of importance within its small number of volumes since its beginning.
BUP, within a short span of time after its journey in 2008, has made worthwhile progress in its academic and research activities. The university offers regular under-graduate programmes under 16 different departments. Most of the departments also offer Master’s programmes. Our BUP graduates have started to join the mainstream jobs in the country making good impressions through their job performance. Equally, Center for Higher Studies and Research (CHSR), which offers research-based MPhil and PhD programmes, has earned name and fame among the academicians as well as practitioners.  Here, a good number of academicians and professionals from different backgrounds of the society are enrolled. The ‘Bangabandhu Chair’ of the university offers splendid platform to undertake project and research works based on Bangladesh and related subjects. BUP, with its unique management, exemplary discipline, timely completion of courses and heart-soothing panoramic view, is very appealing to the researchers and students as their destination for higher studies. Our drive with utmost sincerity will continue to endorse the scholarly activities of researchers.
CHSR has been entrusted with the responsibility to publis

Editor's Note

Chief Editor

Brigadier General Syed Mofazzel Mawla (Retd)
Dean, Centre for Higher Studies and Research, BUP

It is my pleasure for being able to bringing in light the BUP Journal of Volume 7, Issue 1. The BUP Journal contains insightful contemporary research papers which are reviewed by double-blind peer review process. As such, papers containing originality of thoughts with valuable arguments and findings are selected by the Editorial Board.
We have received a good number of papers covering interesting and thought provoking subject matters. Keeping in view our ‘Editorial Policy’ and ‘Guide to Prepare Manuscript’, the received papers were sent to the renowned reviewers having expertise on the related fields. Then, we shared reviewers’ feedback with the authors and encouraged them to rework as suggested by reviewers. Subsequently, after a rigorous selection process, this issue finally came out with 9 (nine) articles from several fields which includes Literature, Social Science, Business, HR and Health Issue.
Editorial Board is immensely indebted to the Chief Patron and respected Vice Chancellor Major General Md Emdad-Ul-Bari, ndc, psc, te for his passionate advice and visionary guidance all along the process.
We sincerely acknowledge the painstaking contributions of our esteemed reviewers towards enhancing the quality of the journal. I also convey my special thanks to the learned Advisory Board and Editorial members for their valuable inputs and feedback in selecting the papers and improving their standard to fit in with the current issue of BUP Journal.
The opinions expressed in the articles of this publication are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy and views of BUP. We are expecting high quality articles from the academicians, scholars and researchers of all fields for future publications.
We would sincerely accept any suggestions from our valued readers to improve the standard of BUP Journal in the coming days.