Bangladesh University of Professionals Journal BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS JOURNAL
Article Info: BUP JOURNAL, Volume - 7, Issue - 1, June - 2019, Volume - 7, Issue - 1, Article #2
Publish Date: June 1, 2019
Authors(S): 1. Shahrin Ashraf 2. Md. Tanvir Alam Himel
Keywords: service quality, servqual dimensions, behavioral intention, resort hotels
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The history of resort hotel businesses has always been indicative of the influential roles played by the superior service. Thus, a thorough understanding of what necessarily the visitors cherish during their stay in resort facilities acts as the crucial antecedent for customer retention. The SERVQUAL, an effective instrument for assessing the quality of service, has been successfully measuring customers’ perception regarding hospitality industry. The purpose of this study is to empirically explore the magnitude of the dimensions of service quality and their impact on behavioral intention of the customer. Moreover, the level of importance of each dimension were also identified from the empirical findings. This study followed a mixed-method research design thus data had been collected from 200 sample through administering a structured questionnaire among various resort hotel guests. This study dealt with the resort hotel industry of Bangladesh and the findings implied that the physical establishment played the most significant role in hotel guest visit intention where service providers empathy came second to play the next most significant role. Moreover, the other three dimensions of service quality- assurance, responsiveness and reliability were emphasized by the resort hotel guests as deem relevant. The theoretical and managerial implication hinted on elevating the now-existing service quality performance by the resort hotel industry of Bangladesh to drive customer from their behavioral intention to repeat purchase and improve the industry’s performance along the way.