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Journal of Innovation in Business Studies (JIBS), Volume-03, Issue-01, December-2023

Journal Information

Journal Name: Journal of Innovation in Business Studies (JIBS), Volume-03, Issue-01, December-2023
Journal Category: Business & Management
Issued Since: December 31, 2023

Editorial Advisors

Md Rakibul Hoque, PhD, University of Dhaka
Dr Golam Sorwar, School of Business and Tourism, Southern Cross University, Australia
Professor Abhijit Ovee Barua, PhD, Florida International University, USA
Dr. Monowar Mahmood, PhD, Bang College of Business, KIMEP University, Kazakhstan
Professor Ramayah Thurasamy, PhD, Universiti Sains, Malaysia
Professor Kazuo INABA, PhD, Risumeikan University, Japan
Professor Anisul M. Islam, University of Houston-Downtown, Texas, USA

Editorial Board

Brigadier General Mohammed Monir Hossain Patwary, psc Dean Faculty of Business Studies

Mohammad Zahedul Alam, PhD
Department of Business Administration in Marketing Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

Jannatul Ferdaus, PhD, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)
Md. Tapan Mahmud, PhD, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

Message from the Chief Patron

It gives me immense pleasure that the Volume 3, Issue 1 of Journal of Innovation in Business Studies (JIBS) by Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) is going to be published. The JIBS is a peer reviewed journal determined to maintain high quality compromising contemporary research works in the field of innovation in Business. In this context, I am confident that JIBS will build a significant success by publishing high-quality original research works from academics, researchers, and practitioners in its scholarly pages.
Business, as one of the most essential human activities on earth, has evolved over time with technological advancement. Business innovation and research play important roles in increasing corporate productivity and quality, both of which are critical components of business strategy and success. To that end, JIBS offers a much-needed platform which we can use and approach businesses with a renewed outlook and understanding.
As a well reputed university across the country, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is committed to creating a climate conducive for research, exchange of knowledge, innovation and contributing to collective wisdom.  BUP strives to promote its motto ‘Excellence through Knowledge’ in its academic and research operations. In fact, JIBS is not only an in-house publication, but an open access journal for all the researchers in the vicinity as well as the nation at large. It is also heartening to see that JIBS started its journey from the previous issues on this very track with      innovation in the field of business studies.
Therefore, I would like to congratulate the Editor in Chief and his team of esteemed editors for launching the Volume 3, Issue 1 of JIBS with the sponsorship of FBS. I also love to express my gratitude to all the professionals and reviewers for giving critical peer reviews and for upholding the academic standard of the research articles through careful revision and appropriate judgments. However, I congratulate all authors who contributed with scholarly articles to this issue again. I expect that the issue of the journal will enhance readers' interest, practitioners’ interest and motivate them to pursue further studies and research in the field of innovation in Business.
Major General Md Mahbub-ul Alam, BSP, ndc, afwc, psc, MPhil, PhD
Vice Chancellor,
Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)

Editor's Note

Chief Editor's Note

I am delighted to know that the third volume and first issue of Journal of Innovation in Business Studies (JIBS) is going to be published. Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) of Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), with its up-to-date curricula design and delivery methods, provide a suitable climate for research, innovation, knowledge exchange, sharing of real-time experiences from industry experts and for undertaking useful research works that have compelling potential of application in the real world. This journal is a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal, committed to publish both theoretical and practical high quality research papers in the innovation of business.
JIBS subscribes to the university’s motto “Excellence through Knowledge” with contributions from a varied spectrum of young minds and veterans. The journal as a manifestation of quality research works focuses on articles from different core and connected disciplines that revolves around innovation and its evolving management theory and practice. It would seize the challenges presented by the convergence of multiple disciplines and turn it as an opportunity to become a useful compilation of scholarly works.
It was truly heartening to receive overwhelming response to our circulated “Call for Paper”. While I thankfully acknowledge the enthusiastic participation of all the authors, the limitations of space and requirements from a comprehensive scholarly editorial review did not allow us to accommodate all articles into this issue of the journal.
I profusely thank the Honourable Vice Chancellor Major General Md Mahbub-ul Alam, ndc, afwc, psc, MPhil, PhD, for his keen interest, pragmatic advice, ceaseless encouragement, and support for this milestone publication. I take the opportunity to thank our devoted readers, highly innovative and talented authors, expert reviewers, and distinguished editorial boards for being a part of this highly scholarly journal.
It is truly an honor to be the editor in chief of JIBS with my team of highly dedicated editorial board members.
Brigadier General Mohammed Monir Hossain Patwary, psc
Faculty of Business Studies
Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP)