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Article Info: BUP JOURNAL, Volume - 7, Issue - 2, December - 2019, Volume - 7, Issue - 2, Article #1
Publish Date: December 1, 2019
Authors(S): 1. Dr. Md. Abdul Alim 2. Prof. Dr. M Abul Kashem Mozumder
Keywords: Money in politics, Political finance, Election campaign funding, Non-election party funding, Donation, Regulatory framework
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No democracy in the world that functions without political parties; and the parties cannot work and survive without money. Therefore,
the parties require money during elections for campaign and between elections for running political programs. But, due to
non-transparency, political finance is a concern around the globe as it promotes political corruption by the electoral and political
stakeholders when there is no legal provision of effective disclosure and sanctions. Moreover, use of unlimited and unequalled money by
the candidates and parties in elections hampers the credibility of elections. Hence, an equitable system of political funding is a key
to ensure transparency that helps promoting genuine democratic elections. Although, there is no universally accepted model of political
finance, there are, however, internationally accepted guidelines and several best practices. This paper presents an analysis of the
political finance regulatory framework of Bangladesh 2018 with the objectives to identify the gaps between international guidelines and
that of Bangladesh’s law; and finally, to highlight the shortcomings with the objective to improve those.